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   Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Register on Lifetime In Focus?
  2. Registering on Lifetime In Focus (LIF) gives you access to an advanced application for posting images from your photography sessions or events onto an online storefront. Sometimes called online proofing, your clients can view, share with others and purchase photographs of their special event. LIF handles all the hosting, printing, packaging and shipping. Then LIF pays you for the sale.

  3. How Much does it Cost?
  4. Currently, LIF does not charge you for the service. (There are no monthly hosting or service fees and no periodic subscription fees as with most other online services.) LIF keeps a percentage of each sale to cover the cost of maintaining the site, handling the e-commerce, credit card fees, printing the photos, packaging and fulfilling to your client.

  5. Will You Share/Sell My Information?
  6. No, we do not share your information with anybody. However, we do offer you the opportunity to be listed on our nationwide Photographer Directory which is accessible to anyone visiting the site.

  7. Do I have to register to use your service?
  8. Yes, and in order to appear in our Photographer Directory, you must be posting events to the LIF Web site.

  9. What are the benefits of customizing my account?
  10. Customizing your account is a great way to reach new and existing clients. Every registered photographer gets their own homepage on LIF and is also accessible via our nationwide Photographer Directory. By customizing your account you can tell prospective clients about yourself and/or your business and share examples of your work. If you have your own Web site, you can have a reciprocal link from your LIF homepage to your Web site and vice versa.

  11. Why is there default pricing?
  12. Default price sets allow you to quickly load your prices into an event. The default price sets assure that the cost of hosting, production and fulfillment are covered and you see a healthy markup for your work.

  13. Can I set my own prices?
  14. Yes, custom price sets can be created. Call us, 303-318-4155 or 800-510-1430, and a service representative will create price sets for you that will be stored in your admin area, instantly available to load into your events.

  15. How does default pricing affect my sales and profit?
  16. Default pricing doesn't have any effect on sales and profit. You can use our default sets or create your own default set(s). You can even create a custom price set for a specific event, for example if you wanted to create a discounted set for non-profit organizations, your kids school or sports team, your personal family reunion, etc. Call us, 303-318-4155 or 800-510-1430, and a service representative will create price sets for you that will be stored in your admin area, instantly available to load into your events.

  17. What percentage of commissions does LIF retain?
  18. It depends on the product. You can see the commission that is paid to you by looking at the price sets in your admin area.

  19. Can I enter my own pricing?
  20. Yes, call us, 303-318-4155 or 800-510-1430, and a service representative will create price sets for you that will be stored in your admin area, instantly available to load into your events.

  21. Is an event the same thing as an album?
  22. An album is a subset of an event. You can have multiple albums in each event. To create an event click on the Event icon in you admin area, then click on Create a New Event.

  23. Is an event only for wedding or sports photographers?
  24. No. Wedding and sports events are certainly examples of events, but events can be of anything including individual portrait and senior sessions.

  25. What kind of events can I upload?
  26. Almost anything can be classified as an event: a portrait sitting, bar/bat mitzvah, engagement portraits, horse race, boat race, family reunion, you name it.

  27. What if I mis-categorize my event?
  28. You can always reclassify an event in your admin area.

  29. How do I make my event be public or private?
  30. When your event is ready to show to your client, go to the Event section in your admin area to turn it on.

  31. How do I create an album?
  32. An album is a subset of an event. You can have multiple albums in each event. To create albums, click on the Event Icon in you admin area and create your event. In the dialog box you can create a preset/default group of albums by clicking on the pull down menu "Based On". This will populate your event with albums based on a default set created by LIF or from a prior event you created. After you have created your event you can add albums by clicking on the add Albums Icon at the top of the albums column. Albums can have descriptive text and you can select an image that acts as the cover photo for each album. Albums, like events, can be password protected.

  33. How many albums can I have for each event?
  34. You can have as many albums as you want.

  35. How many images can I upload to each album?
  36. You can upload an unlimited number of images to albums and on LIF in general. However, for a very large number of images, we recommend that you do separate images into individual albums for better organization and flow.

  37. What are the minimum or maximum size requirements for each image file?
  38. We do not set a minimum size, but images that are too small (low resolution) will make poor quality prints. Images that are too large will add significant time to your uploading. The maximum file size (in JPEG) is 7 MB. Since JPEG is a compressed format, a 7 MB file is a fairly high resolution image. Camera files in the 4 to 7 megapixel range work well.

  39. What format and color space should my files be?
  40. Files must be JPEG. We recommend you use sRGB as your color space.

  41. How should I name my files?
  42. Short alpha numeric names with no special characters. We will rename your files to our convention once you have uploaded. This avoids any possibility of problems with same file names or incompatible file names.

  43. How long does it take to upload my files to LIF?
  44. Upload time is totally dependant on the upload speed of your internet connection, the size of your files and how many files you are uploading. Most users choose to upload at the end of the workday so uploading time won't interfere with their work flow during regular business hours.

  45. Why is it important to choose a cover photo for the event and albums?
  46. Cover photos or Icons make your event and albums more attractive and personalized. The system will randomly choose an image for you if you don't select one yourself so it is better to choose your own. The chosen cover photos for events and albums also show up on the event notification email and on the e-card functions sent to your client, etc., so pick the photos that you want people to see.

  47. Please explain the on/off feature for an event.
  48. After you have uploaded and edited your images and you are ready to share the event with your client, you need to turn ON your event. This feature can be accessed from the Event column of you admin area. When you turn your event ON, a dialog box will appear allowing you to enter email addresses for those you want notified that the photos are ready for viewing.

  49. How long will my event be active on LIF?
  50. Events are hosted for 90 days. Two weeks before the end of 90 days you and your client will receive an email notifying them that the event is due to expire. A week later, another email will be sent. You and/or your client will have the opportunity to extend the length of time the event is active.

  51. What ways can I contact clients to invite (encourage) them to look at the photos?
  52. When you turn your event ON, a dialog box will appear allowing you to enter email addresses for those you want notified that the photos are ready for viewing. Also, you or your client can send an e-card from within an event. The e-card can be sent from the Event level, the Album level or from an individual photo level. An e-card sent from the Event level will have a photo of the Event icon on it, from the Album level the Album icon and from the individual photo level it will go out with that particular image. You can also write a message on an e-card. Any time an e-card is sent, the recipient's email and the senders email is recorded in the marketing folder for that event. You can send e-cards to multiple addresses at the same time.

    As a photographer you can also send e-cards from you admin area. Clicking on the marketing icon under the Event will bring up an e-card with the Event icon on it and every email address that has been saved for that Event. Email addresses are saved whenever someone uses the Guest Book, signs in to view an Event, receives or sends an e-card, or purchases photographs.

    As a photographer there are two ways you can add addresses to the marketing folder. You can use the guest book to add addresses or you can add them into the e-card in your admin area. If you add addresses via the e-card in your admin area, you will need to actually send the e-card in order for the addresses to be recorded in the system.

  53. Will customers who have viewed the album be displayed for me to view?
  54. Anyone wishing to view an Event must sign in to see the photographs. Those email addresses are saved in the marketing folder in the Events area and visible when you click on the marketing icon. Customers that purchase are visible when you click on the Customer Icon and on the Orders icon. You can quickly see how many views and how many purchases you have had by looking at the far right columns in the Events section of your admin area.

  55. How and when am I paid for orders?
  56. Checks are sent out during the first week of the month following the sale.

  57. Can I view and keep track of customers who have ordered?
  58. You can view orders and customers from your admin area

  59. What kind of marketing can I perform with the LIF service?
  60. The most important action you can take is to get images in front of as many interested people as possible. We offer multiple ways to send e-cards and invitations to potential and existing clients. You can also create "dollars off" coupons to send to clients, and finally, we generate online discount codes just before most holidays that you can choose to send to your clients. The best way to send out discount codes is to use the e-card generator located in the Event section of your admin area and include the coupon code in the message area.

    LIF sends out a reminder two weeks and one week before the expiration of an Event. This is sent out to all the emails contained in the marketing folder of that event.