Spring 2009

Lifetime In Focus Newsletter

An important notice to LifetimeInFocus photographers.

Subject: Change in default hosting time for events to 90 days and new Social Networking linkage.

Two years ago we changed our default hosting period to a full 12 months for events. Our belief was that while people tend to purchase pictures soon after an event they also purchase at holidays and personal dates like birthdays and anniversaries; hence it is important to have pictures up at these special times as well.

This has certainly proven to be the case around Christmas and we have had orders come in many months after an event. We have even had people request pictures from events that have been expired for many months. *

That said, many of you continue to want a shorter hosting period in the belief that it will induce a sense of urgency in the buyers. For LIF there is obviously a cost savings in going to a shorter hosting period as we will have images stored actively for less time so, we’ve decided to give you the choice. We have programmed the site to default to a shorter period while allowing you to extend events for a small surcharge.

Effective June 1, 2009 the default hosting period on new events will be set at 90 days from the time the event is made active (turned on). Photographers that want to keep an event live beyond 90 days can do so by purchasing a 12 month extension in their Event Admin area. Purchasing a 12 month extension will keep an event live for a full 15 months (default + 12 months).

Along with this change, LIF will send an email to all viewers of an event two weeks prior to the expiration of the event and then again one week before the expiration in order to heighten the awareness of the pending expiration and encourage buyers to act now. Customers will also have the option to extend an event but at a higher price, allowing photographers to mark up and sell extensions or to make it a value added part of the wedding contract.

At the same time, LIF will also introduce a quick link to Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Anybody from within an event can quickly link that event to a Facebook or Myspace page or Twitter the event. Because of the openness of these social networking sites people will have to sign in with their email address to view and if an event is password protected they will need the password. So, it is not like sending an eCard where the recipient is taken directly into the event without having to sign in. A test of this resulted in a 300% increase in people accessing the test sites.

We hope these changes will give you more options to enhance your offering to your clients as well as create more activity around your online postings.

In summary:

  1. Default hosting time for new events will be 90 days beginning June 1st, 2009
  2. Photographer can extend events by an additional 12 months (actually, indefinitely in 12 month increments)
  3. LIF will notify viewers two weeks and one week before the expiration date
  4. LIF will provide quick links to social networking sites.

* We feel so strongly about the Christmas buying season that we will automatically reactivate all events mid November through Christmas and send out an email to all viewers. We will do this at no charge to you and it WILL result in more sales for you.

Thank you for using Lifetimeinfocus.com. I am thrilled that so many photographers have found success in the LIF model and that new photographers continue to sign up every day. Your LIF team will strive to add more functionality to the site and to provide quality printing and personal customer service to you and to your customers. In these trying economic times, the LIF business model of NO set-up cost, NO annual fees, NO monthly charges, NO hosting fees at all, is making it possible for many photographers to continue offering online proofing and sales to their clients. We only make money when you make money. We know our success depends on your success. It also depends on volume, so there are two things you can do to help make your online storefront a bigger success; first, market to as many of your potential clients as possible, using the tools LIF provides as well as your own and most of all, word of mouth, talk it up; second, tell your fellow photographers about LIF; the more photographers on LIF the better it works for everyone. Let’s make LIF the "asked for" standard for online proofing and event picture sales for clients in your area.

Thanks again for using Lifetimeinfocus.com

Roy McCutchen