September 2008

Lifetime In Focus - News and Updates

Did you know that there are 2,208,000 weddings in the US every year?1 Colorado, home of and parent company Boulder Pro Photo, averages over 35,000 weddings per year2. California, the state with the highest number of weddings annually, averages over 45,000 weddings just in the month of January3, which is the slowest month of the year for weddings nationally. Texas, with the second highest number of weddings, has over 33,000 weddings just in the months of January. That's a lot of weddings.

Are you getting your share?

There are around 49,000 registered photographer/studios in the US. Estimates are that there are 3 times as many part-time, unregistered photographers. That's 200,000 photographers to serve 2.2 million weddings or around 11 weddings per photographer, so if you are shooting more than 11 weddings a year, congratulations you are hitting above average.

LIF can help, but are you using all the tools available on LIF? LIF gives every photographer their own personal page. This is what your potential customers see when they use the popular "Find a Photographer" function on LIF. Are you using your personal page to it fullest?

  1. Have you uploaded your logo or a representative photo?
  2. Have you used the Personal Statement area on your personal page to make a marketing statement, expressed your vision, state you credentials?
  3. Have you placed a link to LIF on your website? Search engines catch this and with our traffic it will reflect on yours.
  4. Make sure all your personal data is correct. Your personal page is linked to your web site and email but it only works if it is right. (Note: if you don't have a web site that's OK. The web link on your personal LIF page just links back to itself. Your clients never get an error message. You do have to have a valid email address.) We no longer make your street address visible. We only list your city and state so prespective clients can determine your general location.

LIF continues to grow!

  1. LIF is approaching 200 registered photographers representing 13 states.
  2. There are over 500 active events with over 225,000 images.
  3. We had our first ever single order over $1,000 in June.
  4. Since LIF V2.0 was unveiled in March the averaged order has been $82.
  5. How have your orders been running?

DNC Photos on LIF

Congratulations to Denver photographer Beth Schneider
for being selected by the New York State Democratic Committee
as their official photographer for the Democratic National Convention in Denver.
Thank you Beth, for choosing LIF to host the images from the convention.

New Features!

We continue to add functionality to enhance the marketing experience.
  1. LIF now offers the ability for viewers to sign a guest book when viewing an event. Email addresses are saved and made available to you in your admin area.
  2. Anytime anybody shares an image, album or event, all the email addresses are saved to your personal marketing folder in your admin area.
  3. With one click you can send out an invitation with picture and message to all the email addresses saved in the marketing folder in your admin area. Click on the Marketing Icon in the Events section of your admin area. See below.
  4. You can now see how many orders are being placed as well as the number of views an event is getting. Click on the Events Icon in your admin area. Your views and orders placed will show in the far right column.
  5. Keep sending out those E-Cards. The more people look the more orders you will get!


Order an entire set of proofs prints of an event for only 25 cents each and have them sent anywhere you want. Click on the the Events icon in your admin area and select "buy prints of entire event". Many photographers like to supply their clients with a complete set of prints from the wedding. Now you can replicate the online images and have them sent directly to the client or back to you to be put in an album prior to presentation. Only photographers have access to this option.


You can now extend the time an event is hosted. LIF hosts an event for a full 12 months at no charge, longer than any other hosting service. You can now extend that by another 12 months by going to Manage Events and clicking on the Edit Event icon. We recently had a $132 order placed 19 months after the wedding. Some photographers are offering extended hosting as a premium to their contracts. Once again, only photographers have access to this feature.

New Features

And Remember - Lifetime In Focus charges nothing to host your events. You supply the images, we do the rest!

Lifetime In Focus isn't just for wedding photographers. There are sections specifically for Portraits and Special Events as well as a section specifically for Engagements.

Boulder Pro Photo can handle all your production needs:
LabPrints online ordering, album pages, proof books, canvas prints, enlargements and more!
Contact us at 800-510-1430 or
visit us at

1 US gov statistic for 2006 and 2007,   2 CDPHE statistics 1999-2004,   3 US government statistics for 2006-2008