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Sales Tools available in Lifetime In Focus

Are you getting the most out of the selling tools in

There are a number of easy to use tools built into Lifetime In Focus designed to help you sell more pictures. This is Part One of a three part series I will do on using these tools to drive your sales.

Part One: Your Personal Photographer's Page

Portfolio Event - Build yourself a Portfolio Event to showcase your work. The Portfolio event will always show up at the top of your Personal Page. It acts and looks just like a regular event. You can add to it anytime you get some new images you want to show off. Send people to your Portfolio Event to show people what their event will look like online. Any time anyone looks at your Portfolio Event their email will be recorded for you to follow up. Send them a special thank you with a come-on.

Personal Page - Use the tools in your admin area to build yourself a real selling page. LIF gets a lot of hits from people that are looking for photographers. They go to our Photographer Directory to find a photographer in their area and they want to see what sort of work you do. What better way than to have a Portfolio Event they can access. They get instant gratification and you get a lead.

Personal Bio – Some people write about themselves and their views on photography, life, etc. Tell people why they want to use you. Got a special? Tell people about it. The personal bio is your area to tell prospective clients your story. You can change it any time you want from you Admin Area.

Put the LIF logo on your web site. It will take people directly to your personal page on LIF. The script to do this is found in your Admin Area Under the title Homepage Link Code.

Put your web site link on LIF. We provide a clickable link in the left hand side bar to your web site and an email link. We also list your phone number and your city and state as a locator (we do not list you actual address just the city and state) We make it as easy as possible for potential clients to contact you.

And finally, Put up a picture or logo. You are a photographer. What does it say if you don't have a picture or logo that speaks of your work? Your representative picture or logo, along with your contact information shows up on every page of every event. Everybody that views those pictures is a potential client. It costs you nothing. It's FREE ADVERTISING and it's the best advertising you can get because it is, by its nature, a referral from a friend!

This is Part One of a three part series I will do on using LIF tools to increase your sales. Our most successful photographers, the ones I write checks to every month, are the ones that use every sales tool they can get. These tools are free! It costs you nothing and I guarantee it will increase your sales and your bookings.

Roy McCutchen,
President, Boulder Pro Photo

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